Back-to-the-office Improvements31.08.2021

To test our own approach to workplace design in times of pandemic, we undertook a short and focussed pro-bono workplace consultation for national homeless charity Crisis Skylight in Brent.

By re-zoning the existing space and subtly altering the flow through the building to minimise mixing of building users, we were able to find Covid-compliant arrangements allowing the charity to continue their work with vulnerable people with hardly any loss of staff workspaces and with reduced transmission risk.

In fact, we used Covid as a tool to provide a new perspective for improvements such as creating space by de-cluttering, unblocking circulation by consolidating storage, creating zoom booths for new remote services, adapting existing rooms for multiple scenarios with flexible furniture.

“We really appreciate your work. It will make a real difference to us”, Atara Fridler, Crisis Skylight Director. Our tailored back-to-work report has given the client a handy and professional guide allowing them to implement changes entirely at their own pace and in phases suited to their own organisation.

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